Puppy And Dog Training Tips

The Best Tips To Train Your Puppy And Dog

Are you looking for the best tips to train your puppy and dog? Probably you are tired of the way they behave. Well, you shouldn’t get fed up. Training your puppy isn’t a hard task. All you need to do is to study them and find the best method to train them. What are the best methods? I hear you asking. There are many ways to train puppies and dogs. Discussed in this article are some of the best method to train them.

Be calm and friendly

This is a must! Puppies like to play. The more you play with them the better they understand you. Your training session should be like a playing session. Don’t be harsh with them during or after the training. And let the training session be short so that the puppy will not get bored.

Be persistent

Training your puppy and dog should not be a seasonal event. Its better if you train them persistently so that they can get use to the instructions. If you train them today and wait for a few days before the next training, it will be as if you just start the training. For you to get the best result within a shorter time, it is good you keep the training persistent and short. Ideally, the training session should not be more than twenty minutes.

Study your puppy and dog

Not all dogs behave the same way. It is important you understand your puppy so that you can train him the best way. Study how they react when they are hungry and how they behave when they want to go potty. If you don’t know the way they react to some condition, it would be difficult to get the best result. Again you need to understand the way they react when they see visitors.

Reward him

You should learn to give your puppy and dog prizes whenever they act on your instruction. Doing so will remind the dog that you like the way he behaves. You can pet him or offer him something.
Use some particular words with him often.
It’s very important you use some particular words to give instructions all the time. Using different words every time you are training them can be a confusion. Try as much as possible to familiarize them with common words you use.
Quickly correct him whenever he does what you don’t like. It is possible your puppy can do what you don’t like him doing. For instance, if your puppy poops indoor instead of going out, quickly take him out so that he will realize why you have taken that decision. Don’t yell because your puppy does something you hate. In fact, yelling will not help. Ignore him if he refuses to corporate.
Sometimes your puppy may not respond to instruction. If you notice that, then ignore him.
These are proving tips that will help you train your puppy and dog the right way. Keep these tips in mind and you will be amazed how they respond.