Find Out The Best Way to Train A Puppy

Training Rottweiler Puppy

The Best Way To Train A Puppy

Puppies are likely to respond quickly to training than grown up dogs. They are cute, friendly and they can easily corporate with you. Unfortunately, puppies can turn out to be annoying if they are not trained properly. They may eat up your furniture and perforate your shoes. But that doesn’t make them wicked, since everything depends on the owner and how he or she trained them. To train puppies the right way is not a difficult task, only that it requires a whole lot of patience. There are some easy ways to train your puppy, hence I call it the best way to train a puppy.

Crate training

There are people who describe this method to train as a barbaric approach, but in true sense, it’s not. It is highly encouraged to crate train puppies instead of allowing them to grow wild and undisciplined. Crates comes in various sizes, and some are made of wire, plastic, or even soft sided canvas crate. Choosing the right crate for your puppies is very important. The most commonly used crate is the wire crate, which allow puppies to see everything that happen around. Wire crate is pretty good for puppies with plenty of hair, and it allow them to receive fresh air during warm climates. Plastic ones on the other hand are good for moving puppies from one place to another. It is also good to keep puppies warm in cold climates.
If your puppy belong in the category of those that chew less, you can get a soft sided crate for it. In addition, you must ensure its big enough to allow easy turning. Buying of crates that keep the puppy tightly may cause serious harm to the dog.

Potty training

There was a time I thought it’s never possible to potty train puppies. Actually, my thought was too shallow then. To potty train puppy you must be able to identify how the puppy behave or react when it feel like potty. Once you understand the reaction, you can train it to use potty.

Feeding your puppy

Feeding is very important when you train your puppy. Make sure you don’t introduce bad feeding habits to the puppy. If you know you wouldn’t be comfortable feeding your dogs in open place when they are fully grown, it better you feed them in the crate. Give them special plate and make sure they don’t eat from the ground. Again you need to give them water so that they will not drink water from the sink or spillway.
To Train your puppy the right way, is the best way to raise a healthy dog. They will be friendly, healthy and attentive. Be calm in your efforts to train your puppy and keep your session short and persistent. Make sure you don’t beat the dog so that it wouldn’t grow angry. Feed it adequately and let it get used to the feeding method.
If you follow these steps carefully, then you are likely to raise the best dog.